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Arcadia Brewing Company Hop Rocket 4 packArcadia Brewing Company Hop Rocket 4 pack

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Size: 12oz.
Country: USA
Region: Michigan
Sub-Region: Battle Creek
Producer: Arcadia

After 11 years of brewing beer with balance, Arcadia Brewing's Brew Crew took a left turn with Hop Rocket Imperial IPA, a massive Imperial that focuses on the hops! At 111 IBUs, this huge ale rockets off the charts with a massive nose of sticky, resinous hops and flavors of grapefruit, lemon peel, spruce, earthy mushrooms and dew-covered grass. While the focus truly is on the hops, a pleasant, sweet malt base backs the beer and balances it to a delicious level of drinkability with notes of toffee and freshly baked biscuits.

This extraordinary Imperial IPA will age gracefully. Bitterness will become subdued and flavors will round out with age. A delicious brew for sipping, Hop Rocket will also pair nicely with many foods. Recommended Foods: India or Thai Cuisine, Chicken Marsala with Rosemary, Habanero Salsa, Gumbo, Carrot Cake, Pepper Jack Cheese.

9.0% ABV 111 IBUs