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Arcadia Brewing Company Hopmouth 4 packArcadia Brewing Company Hopmouth 4 pack

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Size: 12oz.
Country: USA
Region: Michigan
Sub-Region: Battle Creek
Producer: Arcadia

The first in Arcadia Brewing's Brew Crew Big Beer Series, Hopmouth Double IPA is a hop lover's delight! Deep amber hue with a generous white head, Hopmouth showcases a rich, toasty flavor and a sweet caramel notes as a result of the high-quality Maris Otter Malt, imported from the UK. The hops are right up front in the aroma, reminiscent of citrus and pine, while the resin-like flavors linger well after the last sip.

This is a BIG beer. True to their original vision, they have achieved a level of balance and drinkability rarely found in this style. Delicious on its own, Hopmouth is also a brilliant pair with many boldly-flavored foods, including many cheeses and desserts. Recommended Foods: Gorgonzola, Greek Salad, Mediterranean Foods, Indian or Thai Dishes, Spicy Italian Sausages, Carrot Cake