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Green Moon Absinthe & VodkaGreen Moon Absinthe & Vodka

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Size: 750ml

Green Moon Vodka & Absinthe Essence is Vodka meets Absinthe…Go on, take a tipple!

The mystery of Green Moon Vodka & Absinthe Essence is unchained by essential ingredietns, which have long been used in botanical tonics and elixirs; helping to support stamina and well-being, setting you free from the certain woes of daily life. Green Moon’s absinthe is an alluring herbal blend of Wormwood, Star Anise, Green Anise, fruit barks, fennel, and citrus with a touch of honey. Aged for a period of nine months, the result is ultra-smooth and they think it is a jewel of a beverage. Velvety mouth feel, surprisingly mixable and incredible tasting. Super-premium French vodka and authentic absinthe together at last!

The vodka is five time distilled and filtered three times, is made from premium quality wheat, barley, and hops from the best producing regions of France.