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Wasabe Vodka with SakeWasabe Vodka with Sake

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Size: 750ml

Wasabe is a 75/25 blend of premium Dutch vodka and crafted Japanese sake – an east meets west spirit brand. The sake is specially made in Japan by their master brewer who has been making sake according to craft traditions that date back nearly 500 years. The sake is then sent to the Netherlands where their master distiller carefully blends the sake into premium Dutch grain vodka. They developed a meticulous method that enables them to blend the two together without altering the structure of the sake – not an easy achievement by any means. To further protect the integrity of the sake, no flavors are added at any point in the process. This preserves the delicate taste and balance of the sake.

The dual taste profile shows off the complexity of the liquid. At room temperature, the sake is more noticeable on the nose while rounding off the residual aftertaste you would expect from vodka. What’s left is a warm and pleasant texture and mouthfeel. Take it down a few degrees and the aroma of the sake lessens while the taste extends the length of the finish.

Although you would not notice over ice or in your favorite cocktail, Wasabe is 70 proof, which is slightly less than the standard 80 proof vodkas on the market. They could have forced the blend of 80 proof, but they found that the best tasting blends were always 70 proof – ones above and below this proof were not nearly as appealing from a taste perspective. After all, isn’t it all about taste?

Wasabe – it is all about taste.