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Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst GinGreat Lakes Distillery Rehorst Gin

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Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Gin

Not quite your traditional London Dry, not quite a Dutch Genevere, Often referred to as one of the “New American” style gins.

Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Gin owes it’s unique character to a host of botanicals which are balanced and distilled in small batches using the best equipment we know of- our distillers sense of smell and taste!

Made with 9 botanicals including two never found in any Gin before. The first, Sweet Basil add’s a unique fresh floral character. Next, we use Wisconsin Ginseng. Long recognized as the worlds finest quality Ginseng. The majority of this crop is exported to Asia where it is revered by herbalists. We use it to add an earthiness to our Gin that gives it a uniquely Wisconsin flavor.

Fantastic in a Martini, makes an incredible “Wisconsin Gin & Tonic.”

The Reviews are in!

Included in the New York Times top ten American craft Gin’s!

“Double Gold Medal” Winner 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition! (read about it)

Anthony Dias Blue rated our Gin in the March 2009 issue of The Tasting Panel. Mr Dias Blue scored it a 92 saying… “Lush and creamy texture with lovely juniper, complex herbs and a long, mellow finish; impressive and neatly balanced with notes of citrus, spice, lively spice and nice vanilla”.-92 Points

Beverage Experts says… “Crystal clear. Incredibly aromatic filling the nose with scents of anise, ginger, ginseng, grapefruit, and coriander. The palate is complex and unique walking the fine stylistic line that partitions the lush, Dutch Genevere and dry, London Gin styles. Showing great vigor with sharp notes of lime zest, pepper, and cardamom. Tremendously versatile creating a memorable martini. Bravo!” 4 Stars -Exceptional.

Beverage Testing Institute says… “Clear with a nickel cast. Interesting aromas of delicate juniper and honeyed lemon laced with violets and honeydew melon. A soft, silky entry leads to an oily, fruity medium-full body of vibrant exotic peppercorn, hay, lemon peels, and resiny juniper. Finishes with a hot, powdered sugar and chalk fade. An smooth textured gin with an intense finish.“ -Gold Medal 90 Points- Exceptional

Contains 44% Alcohol by Volume.