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Wittekerke Beer 6 pack cansWittekerke Beer 6 pack cans

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Country: Belgium
Producer: Bavik

In 1998 the Brewery Bavik and VTM (Flemish Television Company that produces among other things the TV serial Wittekerke ) raise a glass to the success of the Wittekerke Wit Beer. This is not a coincidence since both of them are familiar with the taste of success. Not long ago Bavik was awarded the price of “Brewer of the best Belgian wit beer (= white beer) while hundreds of thousands of Flemish people are chained to their television set for the VTM-serial Wittekerke.

A sign of great mastery! The result is a tasty top-fermented beer. You will recognize Wittekerke Wit Beer by the elegant glass, the sunny colour and the dense, creamy head. The flavour is rounded and has a spicy subdued bitterness. The celebrated beer connoisseur Michel Jackson becomes lyrical while describing Wittekerke as "creamy, aromatic, with a clean, teasing, perfumy fruitiness and faintly herbal tartness".

5% ABV