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Boulevard Brewery Smokestack Series Sixth Glass 750mlBoulevard Brewery Smokestack Series Sixth Glass 750ml

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Country: USA
Region: Missouri
Sub-Region: Kansas City
Producer: Boulevard

This devilishly strong ale is dark auburn in color, with a creamy tan head. Fruity aromas of date and gif precede flavors of prune, raisin, and subtle hints of chocolate. This malty, full-bodied beer finishes with a warming Madeira essence that begs for another taste. As it ages, the Port flavors will further develop. Stored upright in a cool, dark place, this beer will mature for up to 10 years. Drink The Sixth Glass from a goblet at 50 degrees F (10 to 14 degrees C).

Each 35-barrel brew uses 2,300 pounds of grain, consisting of two-row pale, light caramel, and Special B malts, and a measure of malted wheat. An extra 350 pounds of golden and dark brown sugars help the wort reach a starting Plate of 21 degrees, yielding 10.5% alcohol by volume. They use only the noble Styrian Goldings hop from Slovenia.

Original Gravity: 21 degrees Plato

Final Gravity: 3.6 degrees Plato

Alcohol Content: 10.5% by volume