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Asom Broso La Rosa TequilaAsom Broso La Rosa Tequila

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Size: 750ml

LaRosa is like no other reposado, or tequila, to date. To be called reposado, 100% Agave silver (or “blanco”) tequila must be rested at least two months in oak barrels; to become LaRosa Reposado, the 100% Agave silver is rested in relatively new French Oak casks that were previously used to make a vintage Bordeaux wine. When the silver rests in the relatively new-former wine barrel, something serendipitous happens: the colorless tequila takes on a reddish hue, and the taste is transformed…it’s still tequila, but a whole new style of tequila. Somewhat akin to comparing a basic bar scotch to a fine single malt scotch.

After spending three months aging, LaRosa takes on a decidedly pink hue, and the taste, while distinctly tequila, is soft on the palate and has a hint of sweetness.

Although LaRosa seemingly is a departure from the historical tequila, it still embodies Asombroso's precepts of refinement, smoothness and taste.