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Dry Fly GinDry Fly Gin
Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Washington

Dry Fly Distilling is a craft distillery in Spokane, Washington. They produce craft-distilled vodka, gin and whiskey using only locally grown grains and botanicals. Their still, manufactured in Goppingen, Germany, is a Christian Carl pot still with multiple rectification columns. It has a 450-liter capacity and we expect an annual output of approximately 3,500 cases of 12/750 mL bottles.

Dry Fly is owned and operated by Don Poffenroth and Kent Fleischmann. Prior to starting Dry Fly, Don and Kent studied with Kris Berglund at Michigan State University and trained in distillery operation with Alexander Plank and Nick Haase of Christian Carl Distilleries in Germany.

They start with the same Eastern Washington-grown soft winter wheat that they use for the vodka. Then, using a recipe that's equal parts timeless tradition and rogue innovation. they add juniper, dried Washington apples, mint, and hops. The result is a smooth, flavorful spirit as pure and clear as..... well, gin.