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North Shore Distillery Sirene Absinthe VerteNorth Shore Distillery Sirene Absinthe Verte
Size: 750ml
Producer: North Shore Distillery

Like the sirens of Greek mythology, Sirène will tempt you. With a beautiful, nuanced aroma and flavor, Sirène embodies the rich tradition and history of absinthe.

Absinthe has always been a favorite spirit at North Shore Distillery - first as a curiosity on their world travels, then as a fascination. They have tasted many variations and have been working on Their own recipes for years. Now that is possible to actually introduce one to the market, they are excited to share this incredible absinthe with you.

North Shore takes a fairly traditional approach to creating Sirène. They use the traditional trinity of absinthe ingredients along with a proprietary blend of additional herbs and spices to create Sirène's richness and complexity. The process requires a significant amount of time, preparation and botanicals, but the result is worth the effort.

Much more than just an interesting spirit, fascinating rituals and culture revolve around consuming absinthe. It has always been a social drink. Think of having a cup of coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop, a glass of wine at an outdoor café, or sharing a hookah at a Middle Eastern restaurant. Absinthe is best enjoyed while casually sitting with friends, enjoying the company and conversation - slow down for a few minutes and have the experience. In today's world, none of us take enough time for ourselves or to really enjoy the moment.