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Pernod Aux Plantes d'Absinthe SuperieurePernod Aux Plantes d'Absinthe Superieure
Size: 750ml

According to legend, we owe this elixir to "Docteur Ordinaire", a French doctor in exile in Switzerland. In 1805, the Pernod Fils Company from Pontarlier in France began distilling the secret formula. Absinthe was the subject of much stormy, impassioned debate, and was banned in 1915 in France.

Pernod “aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe” calls for a special ritual, requiring particular skills.

A lump of sugar is placed on a perforated spoon balanced on a glass containing a measure of Pernod “aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe”. Cold water, poured very slowly over it, becomes impregnated with sugar, passes through the holes in the spoon, and dilutes the drink which becomes cloudy ("goes cross-eyed") and takes on its almond green colour. This knack requires practice, and cannot be acquired the first time round. It is not a question of pouring on the water any old way, but of "surprising the spirit" by letting the water fall, drop by drop, onto the sugar…

This ritual of preparation enhances both the pleasure and the flavour of the drink.

Pernod “aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe” can also be drunk without sugar, simply diluted with 5 to 7 volumes of well chilled water.

The water and absinthe plants extract form a subtle mixture, becoming an opal colour and revealing complex flavours.