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Single -Single Malt VodkaSingle -Single Malt Vodka

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Size: 750ml

The inspiration which, after many years of research, led to the production of the first single malt vodka, stemmed from the notes found in historic Abbey of the Torbiere Sebine and attributed to a Scottish nobleman. A product which draws on the same ingredients that are the basis of the noblest of the single malt whiskies and which, following the most advanced distillation technology, has given the market a unique vodka of its kind, with its delicate, beautifully rounded aroma and sweet flavor on the palate. A pure, perfect distillate, made from precious, genuine and natural 100% Barley Malt ingredients which transform the uniqueness of this process into a vodka with inimitable qualities.

Single lives up to the tradition of the great single malt whiskies with its bold character, creating a meditative atmosphere, satisfying the palate of the most demanding, inaugurating a new way of drinking and presenting vodka.