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Boomerang VodkaBoomerang Vodka

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Size: 750ml

Boomerang is the Australian lifestyle brought to your doorstep. Their luxurious beaches, nightlife, surf, music, creative spirit, and laid-back vibe – it’s all here. Boomerang Vodka is 100% authentically Australian, bottled in Australia, and then imported to you. We invite you to learn more about the unique origins, process, and special smoothness that make Boomerang Vodka the first independent spirit of its kind.

Boomerang was created by native Australians using the most modern, innovative, and high-end approach to vodka-making. They start by using the finest grapes from the most famous wine region in Australia, The Barossa Valley. Boomerang is then 5-times distilled, resulting in the purest, highest quality vodka - and an ultra-smooth, clean, elegant taste (*In other words, Boomerang avoids the harsher, throat-burning of old-school ‘serious’ grain or potato-based spirits out there. Vodka is supposed to be fun to drink, remember?).

Boomerang will easily take you from a day at the beach all the way to the best in city nightlife. The Boomerang community is active, outgoing, and creative – and knows style and sophistication is more than just buying the most expensive of everything.