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Asom Broso Silver TequilaAsom Broso Silver Tequila

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Size: 750ml

Opening nose emits zesty scents of fennel, licorice, anise and dried herbs; aeration brings out off-dry elements of milk chocolate, agave juice, olive brine, rye bread and green olive. Palate entry is peppery and astringent then at mid-palate flavors of sweet pepper and ripe agave meld. Concludes toasty and mellow.

* Awarded “Top Tequila” at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
* Best served neat and chilled or as the basis for many ultra-premium mixed drinks
* Recommended mixed drink: AsomRita Margarita
* Prepared with only the best hand selected agave plants
* 7-10 year old, 100% Blue Agave
* Old fashioned methods using state of the art modern technology
* Multiple distillation and filtration processes