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Schlafly Brewery Tripel Beer 750mlSchlafly Brewery Tripel Beer 750ml

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Schlafly's Tripel is golden with a relatively light body compared to its alcohol content. Bottle-conditioning creates an effervescent mouth feel, as well as the distinct Belgian lace prized in Belgian beers. The use of European noble hops creates a mild spicy flavor. Fermented with a traditional, Trappist Belgian yeast strain, this beer has subtle fruity and banana flavors.

While the origin of the word “Tripel” is unknown, though there is a theory that it indicates “strength in some way”, as Tripels tend to be high in alcohol and strong in flavor. The term is most associated with Westmalle, a Trappist brewery in Belgium. This term has spread to other Belgian and American breweries to describe a light-colored, strong ale with high alcohol content and Belgian yeast.

ABV: 10% | IBU: 35
Appearance: Deep yellow, slightly hazy
Process: Traditional Trappist-style Tripel
Hops: Marynka (PL), Lublin (PL), Hallertau (DE), Mittelfrüh (DE)
Malts: 2-row and Europils malted barley, Carapils malt, sugar
Yeast: 3 different Belgian ale strains
OG: 22
SRM: 8