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La Chouffe 11.2oz.La Chouffe 11.2oz.

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Golden Ale, strong, spicy, lightly hoppy, with evoluting taste. Natural Beer, bottle refermented, unfiltered, not pasteurised and without any additives

Alcohol : 8% alc./vol. Original gravity : 16 °Plato

LA CHOUFFE & Mc CHOUFFE are brewed from spring water and crushed malt barley. This liquid, called wort, is pumped into boiling vats, where two types of hops (Styrie & Saaz) are added, as well as sugars and, for LA CHOUFFE, coriander.

After being cooled, the wort is transferred to fermenting vessels. Here, it is fermented into young Beer, thanks to fresh yeast. This young Beer is aged during two weeks, and then pumped into a centrifuge. Then we fill in the bottles or kegs with this Beer and with fresh yeast, to allow a second fermentation.

After three weeks, both LA CHOUFFE and Mc CHOUFFE leave the Brewery, to delight Beer lovers all around the world…