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Schlafly Brewery Quaddrupel Ale 750mlSchlafly Brewery Quaddrupel Ale 750ml

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Schlafly's Quadrupel is a mahogany-colored ale with a rich sweetness, light spiciness and high alcohol content. The use of several different malted barleys and wheat creates a caramel character, while a Belgian abbey yeast strain produces raisin, plum and figs flavors. European hops provide balance to the mix.

ABV: 12% | IBU: 35
Appearance: Deep mahogany, slightly hazy
Process: Strong Belgian-style ale
Hops: Marynka (PL), Lublin (PL)
Malts: 2-row malted barley, malted wheat, Munich malt, Special B malt, Cara Vienne 20, Dark Candi sugar
Yeast: Belgian Abbey ale
OG: 24.5
SRM: 27