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Ty Ku Asian LiqueurTy Ku Asian Liqueur
Size: 750ml

Presented in the World's First Glowing Bottle, TY KU Citrus Liqueur is a blend of Yuzu and other Asian Superfruits with TY KU Soju, a low calorie Asian Spirit. Naturally low calorie & low sugar, TY KU Citrus Liqueur is a true showstopper and lights up when lifted (activate button at bottom of bottle). It has quickly gained nationwide buzz with mixologists, celebrities & calorie conscious consumers.

TASTING NOTES With its smooth, light and refreshing taste, TY KU Citrus Liqueur is delicious chilled straight, on the rocks or combined with your favorite spirit. Create great tasting cocktails such as martinis, margaritas & mojitos at under 100 calories! TY KU Spirits are best served with friends and loved ones. Steeped in the Japanese tradition of respect, always pour for others as a sign of friendship and celebration. Kanpai ("Cheers") and #ShareOn. ALL NATURAL

YUZU: Japanese Lemon-Lime with an intoxicating aroma & grapefruit-like taste.

MANGOSTEEN: The "Queen of Fruit" for its purported health benefits & sweet flavor.

GOJI BERRY: Tibetan wonder-berry, its flavor resembles cherries & raspberries.

HONEYDEW: A deliciously sweet and sumptuous melon.

GREEN TEA: Ancient Asian tea with a fresh, light flavor and hints of sweetness.

TY KU SOJU: Low calorie base spirit, crafted from handpicked Japanese barley.