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RumChata CreamRumChata Cream
Size: 750ml

RumChata's ingredients are hand selected from all around the world. Every delicious batch of RumChata is mixed up from scratch and contains a unique blend of premium Caribbean rum, which is selected for its light and smooth character. The rum is then homogenized with the finest dairy cream from Wisconsin. The final step of the process is blending in proprietary flavors, which come from six different countries and as far away as Madagascar.

Horchata was originally concocted by the ancient Egyptians for the Pharaohs, a feat easily as impressive as the Pyramids. The pioneering Egyptian chufa style horchata was so revered that it soon found its way to Spain during the time of the Moorish kings. Rice based horchata is now served extensively throughout Mexico and Central America, where the recipe is often passed down generation to generation. These authentic recipes include varied mixtures of rice, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and either water or dairy.