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La Valote AbsintheLa Valote Absinthe

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Size: 750ml

La Valote is the name for a community of Absinthe distillers in Val-de-Travers. The absinthe produced in the small town Môtiers, using traditional Swiss methods.

Two former clandestine producers do now, what they did for years – only one thing has changed – they do it legally.

The combination of know-how and the desire to create something excellent unites these three men. They are using small stills from 25 to 90 liters.

Each one of them have their own, secret receipt, so each is distinctly different, but represents what others formerly described as the “holy grail” of Absinthe.

La Valote still after many years, continues to stay focused on quality excellence in their production of fine absinthe rather than cheap imitation quantity.

Willy Bovets / Francis Martin's La Valote Absinthe has a nice fennel aroma in the beginning which is surrounded by the wormwood bouquet in the background. Anise is present but not dominant to create a pleasant balance of flavor. The entire absinthe louches evenly into a wonderful milky display.