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Domaine Charbay Silver TequilaDomaine Charbay Silver Tequila

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Size: 750ml

This is a fragrant, true to the source, clean tequila. From all of the world’s distilled spirit classes, Tequila is by far one of the most challenging. Charbay combined the traditional methods of a classic tequila distillery in the Arandas area with their proprietary Charbay distilling methods that have developed for 13 generations. The mutual trust, respect and camaraderie with their host distillers will last a lifetime. This has been a real learning experience.

This is the first 100% Blue Agave Tequila hand-distilled by California distillers. Charbay combines traditional Tequila distilling methods with their European proprietary techniques of double-distilling. It's a rare story of camaraderie amongst fellow distillers. Sharing techniques and both teams learning & growing.