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Black Douglas Ale 500ml.Black Douglas Ale 500ml.

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"Black Douglas" or Sir James Douglas was a trusted friend of Robert The Bruce, the famous Scottish King. The first meeting of Black Douglas with "The Bruce" took place only a few miles up the Tweed valley from the village of Broughton. Black Douglas was a powerful knight and one of Scotland's heroes whose daring exploits often brought him into the Border country of Scotland, home of Broughton Ales. He attempted to carry out Robert The Bruce`s dying wish to have his heart buried in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. However, in a battle against the Moors in Spain Black Douglas was killed and the casket along with his body was returned to Scotland. Legend has it that during the battle Black Douglas' flung the casket carrying the heart into the fray and charged after it on horseback. After the battle his fellow knights found Black Douglas' body lying over the casket. The Bruce`s heart is now buried at Melrose Abbey in the Scottish borders and Sir James Douglas' grave is at St Brides Kirk near Lanark.

Black Douglas is a dark ruby coloured ale with a rich full bodied malt flavour and overtones of roast fruit. At an ABV of 5.2%, they believe this beer is a fitting tribute to the power and character of the great Knight.