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Primo VodkaPrimo Vodka

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Size: 750ml

PRIMO vodka Malbec made its world debut in February 2007 quickly garnering international attention at the most coveted contests in the world: a Double Gold Award at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition in March 2008 and a Silver Medal at the International Spirits and Wine Competition in London in July 2007. Both awards were bestowed in blind-tasting competitions conducted by prominent trade judges.

PRIMO vodka is not flavored. Its distinction is that it begins with an individual base variety of wine, for example, 100% Malbec or 100% Chardonnay, and is distilled only three times. The result is a bright, crisp spirit that manages to communicate the melodious flavors of its grapes.

PRIMO is distilled and bottled in Mendoza Argentina , at the foot of the Andes Mountains . Mendoza is recognized as one of the most exciting wine regions of today; it was recently named the 8 th wine capital of the world.