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Prichards Tennessee WhiskeyPrichards Tennessee Whiskey
Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Tennessee
Producer: Prichard's Distillery

Benjamin Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey is distilled in the style of the traditional Tennessee whiskey like their fifth generation grandfather Benjamin made way back in the early 1800's. He made his whiskey in Davidson County, Tennessee from white corn in a pot still. White corn, having a higher sugar content than yellow corn, brings a note of sweetness not common with other bourbons and Tennessee whiskies. Their famous neighbor up the road has had a bill introduced to the Tennessee State Legislature that will require that Tennessee Whiskey will have to be charcoal mellowed according the Lincoln County Process. Though they are located in Lincoln County, they sought and received an exemption from the bill. Benjamin Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey is not charcoal mellowed!

40% ABV