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Opera Prima MoscatoOpera Prima Moscato

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Size: 750ml

The winery is located in the town of Daimiel, which is in the heart of Spain’s famous La Mancha region. It was built in the early 2000’s to take advantage of not only the “largest vineyard in the world” right outside its doors, but also in close proximity to the Europe’s most important region of fruit trees in the south of Spain. Here, the J. Garcia Carrion family has spared no expense in installing the latest technology for maintaining healthful, world-class quality production of mixed fruit and wine products.

La Mancha is the largest vineyard in the world, occupying 50% of Spain's Vineyard. There is more “land under vine” here than in the entire countries of Australia and Chile combined.

Included among their prolific vineyards are 50 hectares of experimental vineyards for research and development works with different grape varieties, both for young wines as Crianzas and Reservas. La Mancha is located on large plain and it is a dry area which often suffers from long drought periods. Soil is rich in limestone rock, original from miocene sediments. The combination of these conditions put stress on the vines which results in high character and quality.

After a careful selection process, grapes undergo a gentle pressing to obtain only the highest quality must. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at very low temperatures in order to maintain the fresh, fruity character of the young wine. The still wine is then transferred to isothermal stainless steel tanks where secondary fermentation takes place using the Charmat method, a process which lasts approximately one month. For blended wines, still wine or fresh squeezed juice and natural flavors are blended into the young sparkling wine using custom designed technology to seamlessly blend the two natural components.