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Ivanabitch GinIvanabitch Gin

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Size: 750ml

Through extensive research, Dr. Ivanabitch learned that juniper berries had been used for centuries by other cultures. The Greeks used juniper berries in the Olympics to increase physical stamina of athletes. The Dutch used them to treat kidney and stomach ailments. And Native Americans used juniper berries as a female contraceptive. (Do not, we repeat, do not use Ivanabitch Gin as birth control.)

The best use of juniper berries he found, though, was to impart a distinctive flavor to his premium Russian elixir.

Ivanabitch Gin is distilled using the traditional London Dry method wafting the alcohol through a chamber of juniper berries and other botanicals that impart an incredibly delightful aroma and flavor. We’re talking high-class stuff here. Top-of-the-line, doesn’t-get-any-better, break-out-your-best-British-accent gin.