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Boulevard Brewery Smokestack Series Sixth Glass 4 packBoulevard Brewery Smokestack Series Sixth Glass 4 pack
Size: 12oz.
Country: USA
Region: Missouri
Sub-Region: Kansas City
Producer: Boulevard

A brown colored, full bodied beer with a complex fruity, estery aroma, a rich, sweet, caramel malt flavor containing notes of dark fruit and a low to medium hop bitterness and flavor.

Aroma Belgian yeast esters, dark fruit, caramel malt

Malt Rich, sweet, malty, caramel flavor

Hops Low/moderate hop bitterness and flavor

Balance Malt

Body Full

”Do you know what dwells in a glass?” asks Ole, in Hans Christian Andersen's The Watchman of the Tower. Better known for stories such as The Little Mermaid, Andersen wrote this short, cautionary tale for a somewhat older audience. Our quadrupel ale, also meant for the mature connoisseur, is a deep and mysterious libation, dark auburn and full-bodied, its sweetness deceptive. As Ole describes the glasses in turn, their contents become more ominous until, in the sixth glass...

Color (EBC) 73.2

Bitterness (IBUs) 22

Original Gravity (Plato) 21.5

Terminal Gravity (Plato) 2.6

Alcohol (ABV) 10.5%

CO2 - Bottles 4.0 vol. (8.0 g/L)