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Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon WhiskeyCedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey

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Size: 750ml
Country: USA

Iowa's first micro-distillery is used to being on the leading edge with firsts. And on July 1st, 2010 it launched Iowa's first bourbon since the Prohibition era. Made from nearly 75% corn, Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey is crafted in small batches in their own European-engineered 80-gallon pot still for a high-quality, smooth, premium bourbon that is receiving rave reviews at tasting events across the Country.

Recently, Colleen Graham, cocktails editor for the NY Times About.com website, paid Cedar Ridge a visit. The bourbon was awarded a Five Star Rating (yes, that's out of five possible stars). Her comments included, "Fantastic...Ultra-smooth and flavorful...A whiskey you want to sip straight" and she proclaimed Cedar Ridge "A micro-distillery to be reckoned with."