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Wine Yoke Wine Holster and StrapWine Yoke Wine Holster and Strap
rws43794$2.30, 3 for $6.54, 6 for $12.36, 12 for $23.40

The WineYoke™ hands free wine glass holder is the perfect accessory for wine tasting or wine events. The WineYoke™ offers you hands free holding of your wine glass while you enjoy hors d’oeuvres and socializing with friends. The WineYoke™ makes a perfect gift for any wine lover.

The WineYoke™ is light weight, and stores conveniently in a purse or pocket. Bring it with you when you travel to visit wineries or even bring it with you to your friends’ home parties. Your WineYoke™ will be the talk of the party, and everyone will want to buy one. Heck, just carry a few extra with you and you will make new best friends, and maybe earn a little extra pocket change… (we’re kidding)!

Made with a flexible rubber material, the WineYoke™ is strong, classy, and durable. The flexible material makes it effortless to insert any stemmed wine glass. The engineering prevents the glass from moving from side to side.

(Glass not included)