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Neyer Chardonnay Sonoma County #304 2011Neyer Chardonnay Sonoma County #304 2011

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Size: 750ml

For years, they've loved the light, elegant bottlings of Chardonnay from the Chablis area of Burgundy. These wines speak of the soil. They rarely spend time in oak barrels, but are fermented and aged in neutral tanks made from stainless steel or cement. They call their wine of this style Chardonnay '304', using the industry designation for food-grade stainless steel. Chardonnay '304' from Neyers Vineyards is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, and given maximum exposure to the natural yeast lees during the process. The wine is bright, crisp, fresh and delicate. It pairs with everything from a plate of oysters to a crisp roast chicken.