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Cupcake Vodka Devils Food Cake FlavorCupcake Vodka Devils Food Cake Flavor

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Size: 750ml

Dark and Delicious. Cupcake Devilís Food.

Chocolate Flavored Vodka

Cupcake Devilís Food was made for the chocolate lover in us all. Like in all our flavors we didnít want to lose the Cupcake Vodka Original quality so we crafted Devilís Food with the same natural grain, careful distillation and filtration to give us that signature creamy texture.

For the Chocolate flavor, we didnít mess around: We wanted Devilís Food. Not a milk chocolate my friends. A dark, rich, bittersweet chocolate. We used natural flavor. This allows the clean, crispness of Cupcake Vodka original to remain at the core.

Doug Frost on Cupcake Devilís Food

ďIf you have ever worked with chocolate you know how many options there are to choose from and how complex the flavor can be. We went for Devilís Food with the dark, rich, bittersweet flavor. That was really fun because there are a million things on your palate to work with.Ē ĖDoug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Devilís Food

A delightful blend of dark and bittersweet chocolate. The nose is intense, even powerful, while the mouth balances the richness and weight of chocolate against the subtle tree fruit and citrus characters of the Original Cupcake Vodka for a clean and smooth finish.