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Cupcake VodkaCupcake Vodka

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Size: 750ml

Clean. Crisp. Delicious.

Cupcake Vodka Original

We knew when we started making our Original Vodka and planned to put the Cupcake name on it, that it had to be done right! We blended and tasted and blended and tasted {I know, it’s a hard life, right?}. But all joking aside, we wanted to create a vodka that was enjoyable, affordable and had honest taste and aromas. That is the foundation of Cupcake Vodka. We went to great lengths to find the best ingredients. We took our time to craft it. Just clean, crisp, authentic vodka with Cupcake’s signature, creamy undertones.

Doug Frost on Cupcake Vodka Original

“What makes a good vodka is that it has not been sugared up…that is what I like about Cupcake Vodka and the Cupcake team. They get that; they are wine makers and they are willing to do the work to produce the real thing.”

–Doug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Original The grain character shows immediately in the nose and on the palate: crisp cleanliness as well as a soft, grainy counterpoint to the texture. The nose is very clean; the palate is middleweight, while the finish is lingering with gentle mineral flavors.