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Cupcake Vodka Vanilla Frosting FlavorCupcake Vodka Vanilla Frosting Flavor

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Size: 750ml

Vanilla Dream. Cupcake Frosting.

Vanilla Flavored Vodka

No cupcake is complete without Frosting! Our Cupcake Frosting is delicious and vanilla flavored with the clean, smooth taste of Cupcake Vodka Original. The signature creamy texture of everything that Cupcake produces starts with high quality natural ingredients that go into making it. We used 100% American grains, cut it with fresh water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and finished with natural vanilla flavor.

Doug Frost on Cupcake Frosting

“Frosting is different than just vanilla. There are a lot of different kinds of vanilla and it’s a matter of layering those flavors on top of each other to get the sense, almost a tactile feeling, that there is frosting in front of you.”

–Doug Frost, Cupcake Vodka Spirits Expert

The Taste of Cupcake Frosting Fun and frothy vanillin aromas and flavors that perfectly capture the enticing character of white frosting. Despite the sweet and engaging nose, the true quality of Cupcake Vodka comes through: velvety, soft, mineral and gentle citrus notes.