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Brugal Rum 1888 Gran ReservaBrugal Rum 1888 Gran Reserva
Size: 750ml

Combines a distinctively dry style of spirit with a proprietary aging process to produce a complex and layered rum that is truly unique. The product starts with a clean and dry distillate, which is then aged to maturity for 6-8 years in American Oak Casks, followed by a 2-4 year ageing in Oloroso Sherry Casks - the same casks used to mature the world’s finest single malt. The finished product is smooth, rich and full bodied while still retaining the distinctively dry style that separates Brugal from all other rums on the market.

The Brugal distillery leverages the expertise of The Edrington Groups’s Master of Wood, George Espie, who runs The Macallan and Highland Park Scotch Whisky’s Cask Management Systems. Under The Edrington Group’s guidance, the casks in which 1888 is both double-distilled and double-matured are handcrafted or hand-picked to ensure the finest of aging conditions. With Brugal 1888, the rum’s unique flavors shine through and are not overwhelmed by the sweetness generally associated with rum; it is undoubtedly a world class rum.

Color: The light enhances its dark amber hues and bright, clean color.

Nose: Fascinatingly complex, with spiced nuances, hints of chocolate, of roasted coffee, cinnamon and other dried fruits.

Palate: On the palate, pleasant, smooth and full-bodied. Its finish has nuances of toffee caramel, wood and liquorice.

Aftertaste: Brugal 1888 leaves a slightly sweet and long lasting aftertaste, with a sublime taste which denotes perfection.