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Seven Fathoms Cayman Island Premium Rum - Underwater AgedSeven Fathoms Cayman Island Premium Rum - Underwater Aged

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Size: 750ml
Country: Cayman Islands

Why age rum underwater? Very good question. Certainly, it is not convenient, easy to do or cost effective. In fact, quite the opposite, to be sure. There are many challenges involved and we have had a very interesting (although thoroughly enjoyable) time over the last year coming up with a system that is safe, effective and produces the desired effect on the rum.

Seven Fathoms does this for several reasons. When aging a spirit, one of the most important factors in producing superior characteristics is creating relative temperatures and humidities. Several fathoms underwater you can find a habitat for the rum with an intriguing profile of humidity and temperature unparalleled on land.

In addition, the constant push and pull of the waves and the tides mimics the caring touch of a distiller rotating their barrels in a cellar to ensure good diffusion of the molecules through the barrel. Despite the diligence of even the most committed distiller, the waves are able to massage the rum with a far more consistent and steady precision.

Several wineries around the world that have taken to this process before and since, with highly celebrated results. Using this maturation process, combined with time honored traditional West Indian rum making techniques, Seven Fathoms becomes a one of a kind spirit.