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Corsair Triple Smoke WhiskeyCorsair Triple Smoke Whiskey
Size: 750ml
Country: USA

Corsair Single Barrel Triple Smoke American Straight Malt Whiskey offers unusual aromas of smoked turkey jerky, toasted date bread, salty roasted nuts and bacon chocolate. All of this follows through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with hints of iodine, smoked peat, and toffee. The whiskey finishes with a long, herbal and grassy, almond brittle, smoke, and peppery spice fade. A very unique and fun smoked bourbon that is extremely tasty and reminiscent of a moderately peaty Islay Scotch whisky. Made from three fractions of malted barley, each smoked by a different fuel – cherry wood, peat, and beechwood. Pot distilled then barreled in new charred oak.

"The nose is layered, with the rich island peat filling the middle, bacony beechwood curling out from underneath, and more delicate cherry top notes. After a quick rush of juicy malt, you’ll get the peat front and center again, the beech around the edges of the mouth, and the cherry floating above it. Imagine having a sip of Islay whisky with a smoky Bamberg-brewed chaser…and then a light pull on a fine pipe tobacco. None of that would work if it weren’t for a solidly made malt whiskey providing the framework. That’s what makes Corsair more than a freak show of variety. Anyone can throw grains, smoke, hops, or spices in a fermenter or a still. It takes skill, restraint, and a good palate to make an award-winner out of it."
- Artisan Whiskey of the Year, Whiskey Advocate Magazine