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Smuttynose Brewery Robust Porter 6 packSmuttynose Brewery Robust Porter 6 pack

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Size: 12oz.

Color: dark, ebony brown

Malt Bill

North American 2-Row, Carastan, C-120, Special B, Chocolate, Carafa II DH


Bittering: Magnum

Flavoring: Cascade

Starting Extract 16° Plato

Terminal Extract 4.78° Plato

ABV 6.2%

IBU 43

Recommended Food Pairings

Oysters, Hams and creamy desserts like crème brulee or tres leches cake

Gold Medal 2001 Great American Beer Festival

2010 and 2011 Good Food Award Winner

Gold Medal 2010 and 2011 Mondial de la Biere Strasbourg France

"Smuttynose's version is the quintessential Porter; unreserved and aggressive but not overbearing." - Andy Crouch in "Great American Craft Beers"

“Full-bodied and malty with undertones of coffee and chocolate and a bright, hoppy finish, in style it’s like Cary Grant's accent: the best of British and American.” - The Boston Globe, November, 2005