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Bastille WhiskeyBastille Whiskey

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Size: 750ml

Claim Your Independence. BASTILLE 1789: The unique hand-crafted whisky with a French heritage and a taste experience like no other. With an Irish mother and a French father who was a director of a world renowned Cognac brand, who better than master distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt to create an entirely new category of whisky? Jean-Marc's roots in spirits run deep. His family owns a vineyard and a distillery in "Les Borderies", the prestigious Cognac appellation. As a young man, Jean-Marc went to work in a famous Scotch distillery, to discover the origins of the spirit, and then traveled the world, to learn the perfect art of making whisky.

BASTILLE 1789 is the result of heritage, and of many years of work by Jean-Marc to distill a singularity whisky, having a very strong French "savoir Faire", and a perfect balance.

Quite possibly the greatest thing about whiskey is its diversity. Flavor profiles are generated and differentiated by ingredients, distillation techniques, and geographic location. The culture, knowledge/experience, and personal preferences of the distiller also have a large effect on the outcome of the spirit. The nose of Bastille is very unique. It’s light and florally, with just a touch of a Highland Scotch scent. Bastille’s taste really stands out, too. Immediately after, you’ll notice a bit of a malty taste, which fades into the florally flavor you previously experienced. Bastille French Whisky is another example of a unique whisky I would recommend trying, if anything, to say you’ve had a French whisky. This whisky is light enough to drink neat.

Manhattan BASTILLE

BASTILLE Whisky 2.5oz Sweet Vermouth 0.5oz Maraschino 0.5oz (optional) Dash of bitters Stir, and strain into martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.