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El Dorado 6 year old Silver RumEl Dorado 6 year old Silver Rum

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Size: 750ml
Country: Guyana
Producer: Demerara Distillers

A double-filtered 6 Year Old White Rum with a unique flavour and creamy smoothness. This exceptional luxury aged white rum with a contemporary image is designed to offer the younger more adventurous spirit drinker a more flavourful alternative to vodka, backed by the heritage and provenance of the El Dorado brand. It is a blend of selected light to medium bodiied aged rums from Demerara Distillers’ 200 year old wooden Coffey still (the last of its kind operating in the world today) and the company’s French continuous Savalle still. Its unique texture and smoothness results from the skillful balancing of flavours, followed by further ageing and double filtering through natural charcoal. Tasting Notes: The end result is a superb rum with a soft, sweet mouth feel with traces of creaminess and butter toffee. Its light to mildly flavoured body and complex soft finish makes it the perfect mixer for the most sophisticated cocktails.