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5 Wives Vodka5 Wives Vodka

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Size: 750ml

Five Wives Vodka was introduced into the Utah market in December of 2011 where it quickly became a favorite of Utah vodka drinkers.

In March of 2012 readers of the City Weekly, Salt Lake City's weekly alternative paper, voted Five Wives Vodka as winner in the annual "Best of Utah" issue. Five Wives Vodka received accolades as the states "Best New Spirit."

With is blend of Wasatch mountain spring water gathered five gallons at a time from a spring in beautiful Ogden Canyon mixed with distilled spirit from a 50/50 blend of corn and wheat to 80 proof (40% ABV), Five Wives subtle sweetness and smooth finish quickly gathered more fans around the state of Utah.

Five Wives Vodka was well on its way to becoming a regional favorite when things really heated up. In May of 2012, the neighboring state of Idaho determined that Five Wives Vodka would not be allowed to be sold through the Idaho state liquor system to several bars that had requested the product.

Apparently the Idaho didn't like the quirky label of the product.

Ogden's Own Distillery fought back.

"For us it was a denial of access to their market, based on their interpretation of our label and name they thought we were offensive and felt they needed to protect their population," said Ogden's Own Distillery. "To the rest of the nation it might be much ado about nothing, but for us it meant that we couldn't sell our product and we didn't take that lightly." - LA Times

After Ogden's Own threatened a lawsuit over the issue, Idaho quickly reversed their decision and now allows Five Wives Vodka into the state via the special order process.

The media firestorm that surrounded the banning Five Wives Vodka garnered attention from around the world. News reports could be found in publications such as USA Today, Time, LA Times, as well as TV News including CNN and FOX. Coverage extended internationally where a newscast in Belarus mentioned the squabble.