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Ye Ol Grog Dutch Harbor BreezeYe Ol Grog Dutch Harbor Breeze

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Size: 750ml

100 Proof

Aged with oak and cinnamon

Sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar

Flavored with 6 different natural flavors

Flavor Profile: Strong, natural cinnamon flavor from the addition of cinnamon sticks during the aging process, with additional characteristics of oak, sassafras, vanilla, caramel, and citrus.

Odor: Sweet, old fashioned rootbeer from the fountain…with a kick.

Best served over ice…About 2 oz in a snifter with a single cube of ice. Not more than that because you don’t want to water it down, but the addition of the water opens up the oak and cinnamon for a remarkable experience. Just be careful, at 100 proof, that bottle is packed full of stupid.

Also, excellent when mixed with root beer, Dr Pepper, Coke, or other soft drinks.