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Krome VodkaKrome Vodka

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Krome is the culmination of a quest to find the world’s best vodka. After a yearlong search, it turned out that the best vodka was being hand crafted right here in the United States, in Bend, Oregon. Born of Cascade Mountain spring water and locally grown corn, Krome Vodka starts with superior ingredients. It is then filtered five times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock. Corn provides the vodka with a heft that can’t be found in a rye or wheat vodka and a sweetness that can’t be found in potato vodka. The ultra-clean Cascade Mountain spring water and thorough filtration process gives Krome its incredible smoothness. This combination of first-rate ingredients and hand-craftsmanship make Krome Vodka a world-class spirit.

The critics are in agreement with this assessment as Krome was just recognized as the “World’s Greatest” vodka by the “World’s Greatest” TV show (ION TV Network, How2Media). Also, Krome Vodka won a gold medal at the 2009 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention and a gold medal at the 2010 Beverage Testing Institute (‘Exceptional’, 92pts). In a consumer taste test, Krome won a Platinum Award (highest honor) at the 2009 SIP Awards. These accolades are nothing new to Jim Bendis, master distiller of Krome Vodka. Jim is the most award winning small-batch distiller in the United States. That is no small accomplishment as there are over 150 small-batch distillers in America.

In addition to being an award winning spirit, Krome Vodka is naturally gluten-free. Krome is also about standing out. If you have an exceptional product, you need to let the world know about it. Krome’s sleek black bottle won’t get lost in the sea of clear and frosted bottles that dominate the back bars and liquor store shelves. So the next time you are out at a fine dining establishment or at your local bottle shop, look for Krome, America ‘s Ultra Premium Vodka.