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St. George Malt Whiskey XXXSt. George Malt Whiskey XXX

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The 30th Anniversary Edition of St. George Single Malt Whiskey is here!

Awarded *****/Highest Recommendation from Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, this limited-edition bottling is comprised of some of St. George’s most characteristic whiskey stocks and oldest heritage barrels—and therefore, some of the oldest single malt whiskey available from any American distillery.

As a nod to St. George’s origins as an eau de vie distillery, this whiskey was finished in a barrel that once held pear eau de vie (their flagship spirit)—leading Pacult to describe it as “unlike any single malt whiskey I’ve ever tasted and alluringly grainy, resiny and peary simultaneously.”

This anniversary bottling is their most exclusive single malt release to date, limited to only 715 bottles. Each bottle has a hand-numbered, black-and-copper label, and comes protected by a suede-lined, handmade pinewood box with a black piano lacquer finish.