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Roblin Sancerre Blanc L'Enclos de Maimbray 2011Roblin Sancerre Blanc L'Enclos de Maimbray 2011

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Grape variety : Sauvignon Blanc.

Density : 7000 plants/ha.

Vine age : 25 years old on average.

Soils : Clayey-limestone of Upper Jurassic including 2/3 of Tithonian (formation superimposed on the Kimmeridgian of about 135 million years old) and 1/3 of Kimmeridgian (marls characterized by small fossilized oysters of about 145 million years old). Limestone subsoil.

Soil upkeep : Grass is allowed to grow among the vines in most of the vineyard, ploughing and hoeing are used, while respecting the terroir and environment.

Green works : de-budding and green harvest in order to remove the excessive vegetation and regulate the yields.

Yields : 50 to 60 hl/ha.

Winemaking and ageing : sorting of the grapes, pneumatic pressing, cold settling of the juice then fermentation in stainless-steel tanks during 3 weeks with temperatures control between 15 and 20C. Maturing on fine lees for 5 to 6 months with stirrings of the lees more or less frequent according to the vintage. Light fining and filtration before bottling.