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Charbay Whiskey Release 2Charbay Whiskey Release 2

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Miles and Marko used custom-made new American oak barrels (Missouri and Pennsylvania), charred to #3 Gator Skin. They purposely age the barrels of Whiskey at variable temperatures to create added flavor complexities. Six years later, five barrels were selected for their profiles and transferred to stainless steel to age (yes) for another 3 years.

Cut with water that makes Fiji jealous Ultra-soft only 3 ppm (parts per million) dissolved solids remain in the water when Miles and Marko slide it into the whiskey.

Angel's Share - the amount of whiskey that evaporates while barrel-aging is between 3-4% per year. That amounts to TWO GALLONS lost per year out of each 55-gallon barrel.

Hand-produced entirely in-house by a legendary artisan family from the label design, to the distillation, bottling, labeling, wax dipping, and coining.