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Old Medley Bourbon 12 year oldOld Medley Bourbon 12 year old

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Size: 750ml

Only Bourbon distilled and aged in Kentucky can bear the label, “Kentucky Straight Bourbon.” Kentucky Bourbon is known worldwide as the premier Bourbon. The market for genuine Kentucky Bourbon has increased significantly over the last few years as Americans rediscover the taste of this great product and consumers around the world have come to appreciate its smooth, rich flavor.

Bourbon is a natural product. It is made from all natural ingredients with nothing added but water. Bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn, although most are made with more than 70% corn. The remaining ingredients are typically rye and malted barley.

Bourbon is aged in new, charred white oak barrels. It must be aged for at least two years, but most bourbons are aged for four or more years. Any bourbon aged less than four years must be noted on the label. The used barrels are sold to be reused for Canadian Whiskey, Scotch, Rum and other aged alcohol products.

Bourbon must be distilled at less than 160 proof and is entered into the barrel at below 125 proof. At bottling the alcohol content is further reduced to the bottling proof.

All distilled alcohols are measured in US Proof Gallons (USPG) or just Proof Gallons (PG). This is 1 gallon of product at 100 Proof or 50% Alcohol.