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Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon 12yrKnob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon 12yr

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Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Producer: Knob Creek Distillery

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is carefully hand-selected, barrel-by-barrel, to be a unique expression of Knob Creek's rich, mature flavor. Naturally aged in new, charred American Oak barrels, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is bottled at near barrel proof to maintain its strong, rich flavors and aromas. Unlike other bourbons, which are blended together from multiple barrels to create a uniform taste, each barrel of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, once hand-selected, is cut with water and bottled individually in order to preserve its integrity and unique flavor profile. This process allows for variations in taste, color and aroma in each batch of bourbon.

COLOR: dark amber and henna
TASTE: deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak
AROMA: robust vanilla caramel notes; slightly smoky
FINISH: long and full; perfect for easygoing sipping

Barrel #: 4811a
Sample ID#: 04J14
Warehouse/Floor: L-5
Rack/Tier: 20(2)
Barreled: 7/14/04
Age: 12yrs 10mo