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Dewars Highlander HoneyDewars Highlander Honey
Size: 750ml.

A simple blend of Dewar’s White Label, honey, and unspecified natural flavors, it’s a solid addition to the honey-flavored whiskey market, particularly if you’re more into Scotch than Bourbon.

Fresh grain, some citrus, and unspecified sweetness all hit the nostrils. There’s even some smokiness… altogether nothing you wouldn’t get from a solid blend.

On the tongue, the honey’s more evident. Modestly sweet, it complements the natural sweetness of the Scotch without overpowering things with sugar. The light smokiness in the Dewar’s melds rather nicely with the honey sweetness. All in all, it’s extremely drinkable, laced with the light nuance of orange oil and a touch of heather.