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Covington Gourmet VodkaCovington Gourmet Vodka
Size: 750ml
Country: United States
Region: North Carolina
Producer: Covington Spirits

Covington® Gourmet Vodka is handmade locally from sprout to spirit. It’s expertly crafted in small batches using a combination of traditional and modern distilling practices. Their unhurried approach and varietal selection of locally grown Covington® sweet potatoes costs them a little more, however, ensures a truly premium vodka.

Covington Gourmet Vodka is:
-Remarkably Smooth
-Rich with subtle creamy undertones
-Not the slightest hint of heat on the long and level finish.

Produced in small batches to capture the middle 60 percent known as the "heart" of the distillate. This handcrafting yields a smooth, clear lovely character, coaxed from the fruits of the land. The spent mash is returned to the soil to enrich the next crop.