Zombie Apocalypse VodkaZombie Apocalypse Vodka

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Size: 750ml
Country: USA
Region: New York
Producer: Braided Oaks Spirits

Zombie Apocalypse VodkaŽ is a smooth drinking, ultra premium wheat Vodka that will satisfy even the most discerning spirits aficionado. The wheat is field-sprouted which induces a natural malting of the grain, beginning the process of converting the wheat’s starch into sugar. Wheat has a 60% extractable sugar content, making yeast very happy and busy in the mash tanks as they feast their way into transforming all that sweet sugar into alcohol; a task for which they give their little lives and for which we salute them with true gratitude and deep appreciation.

Through the distillation process the mash is heated and cooled; driving the alcohol into vapor and condensing it, over and over again, into purer and purer spirit. The purest of this then undergoes further cooling and filtering processes before blending it with the purest Adirondacks water to produce Zombie Apocalypse VodkaŽ, one of the smoothest, most civilized vodkas on the market.